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Thank you for helping Joe.
Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
Well, errr... I think Google Translate is one of the best if not the best. Yes, I don't like Google either but Google Translate is what I use.
You knew I don't like Google, without my saying anything to that effect I was hoping there is some program I was not aware of, with which I could replace it.
Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
When you say "pdf and txt" I not sure what you mean.
I often download technical data relating to old vacuum tube equipment that I have (this is my hobby). Some of my equipment were manufactured in countries like Germany, Italy, Japan etc. and the circuit diagrams and service manuals are available only in their languages. They cannot be read on the web page with Google Translate but available for download, often as zip files, from web sites. The files come in .pdf and some other formats as well (last week I got some files in .tif format). It is to translate these to English after downloading, that I was wondering if a program is available.

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