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You do have to rummage through quite a few layers of menus on some machines, to find the audio controls that you want.

In Windows 10, open Settings from the Start Menu and type "Sound" into the search box at top-right. That will pull up a list of sound-related settings, one of which should do what you want if you look through all the options. Sometimes it's quite well hidden and not under entries that you would expect it to be

It's worth persevering though, as this gives you global control. Although AIMP is very good, I use it too.

Another option is to use a 3rd party replacement for Windows sound control. Voicemeeter is very very good and gives you all sorts of control and routing options along with an ASIO driver that works with any soundcard. You do need some fairly decent hardware to get the best out of it, but for minimal use it even runs well on my low-end Asus notepad.
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