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Burn-it, Thanks for your reply. I cannot find an expanded sound control. Either right or left clicking on the speaker icon on the right side of the task bar (which did it in Windows 8.1) only gives me a very limited set of controls and choices. But I do not have or have not found an equalizer, or other controls.
Interestingly, I also have my HDD partitioned with 500Gigs devoted to Windows 10 and the rest to Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 (Betsy) and I get the full range of controls including balance and an equalizer..
It is not impossible that somewhere in Windows 10 there is another set of sound options, can you suggest how to get there, please. Or is there a jukebox or media centre for Windows which is a freebie with these controls. My reason, I am a barbershop singer and our learning tracks have one part out of the left speaker and the other 3 out of the right. Being able to isolate the left track is of great benefit in learning to sing the music.
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