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Default Crazy numbers

I've just done my first ISP/Netmeter comparison. Bitmeter wasn't close to Netmeter or the ISP, but Netmeter isn't all that close to the ISP Download/Upload daily totals either.

On Feb 18th, the ISP said we racked up 3.9 Gb of our 5+Gb monthly allowance.

I had one PC monitored by Netmeter on 2/18. The Netmeter total for that PC on 2/18 was .1 Gb. If the ISP is right, the PC that didn't have Netmeter on the 18th had 3.8 Gb of U/D loads. I doubt that. I browsed the Google Desktop Internet timeline for that PCs on the 18th, but I saw no indication of heavy video or music downloading. I just saw what looked to be a bunch of medical inquiry web pages.

When I excluded that monumental discrepancy day from my sample of days, my average Download discrepancy for 10 days in February was 14.67% (ISP recorded more than Netmeter); the average Upload discrepancy was 4.62% (ISP recorded more than Netmeter); and the total D/U load discrepancy was 13.10% (ISP recorded more than Netmeter).

I don't know if that level of disrepancy is considered tolerable, but that sounds like more than enough.

And I'm baffled by the ISP's 3.9 GB Download on the 18th. Like I said, I can get Google Desktop Internet timelines for both PCs for the 18th, but only one had Netmeter installed and it's hard to know where to look for Download/Upload usage at any Google Desktop timeline website. Any ideas how to sort out the 3.9 Gb number? Is there any possibility that I might have a trojan that Netmeter somehow doesn't record?

I'm sure that I will knock heads with GCI at some point, so I want to know what to make of these discrepancies.

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