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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
In my neck of the woods, just a few seconds can make a huge difference!
With tornadoes, thunder and lightning being frequent, unpredictable events, to be able to load and shutdown a computer in between storms is a huge asset.
If you get your hard disk burnt once, you don't want to do that again.
There can't be very many places worse than where we live for storms and often close strikes will bleed into the power network and cause surges. Every main electrical item we have in the house is connected through a separate breaker to prevent burning. The laptop doesn't figure because the worst that can happen is I lose the charger. The main PC though is connected through a UPS that is capable of withstanding a surge so I'm under no pressure to switch off as soon as a storm erupts although I do need to take the internet cable out of the router to stop that getting fried.
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