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Originally Posted by DoeZ View Post
I tried to download the A-squared but it didn't stay...if ya know what I mean.
No, I'm not exactly sure what you mean? Was it the download which failed, or the installation of the program? If A2 failed to install correctly this could be another sign of an infected machine or system related problems. I would try again with A2 because with this as an on demand scanner you would need nothing else on top of your chosen real-time protection AV such as Arira or Avast! 95% of the people using a secondary real-time anti-spyware solution don't need one, and of those who do only the commercial versions offer an acceptable performance. This area of protection is best attacked from another direction i.e. by following the suggestions in my guide. Retaining multiple standalone scanning tools is all well and good but they all require time to update and scan with and in reality not necessary. If you can get A2 functioning then this is all you need as an extra.

As J.L. says, Windows firewall is fine, but we do need to make sure your machine is clean before you can trust this completely.
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