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Snapshot 1.1.453.30;

"More fixes as we close in on the 1.1 stable update" ....

@maxfan; I don't think I'm hardcore enough to need all it's features either, and maybe that's why Vivaldi hasn't grown on me the way I thought it would. Once the old Opera started to go by the wayside I set about trying pretty much every browser known to man in an attempt to find something new, something that I liked using - and it took a while, but then I decided to stick with the new Opera and to be fair it did grow on me. I've got to like it now and it's my default browser.

I stuck with Vista for a long time, still have it, but decided to go with the flow and get Windows10 and once I'd done that Opera just made even more sense to me. But then, now, having used various Yandex Beta versions for long enough I decided to stop using that and installed the Final instead. And Yandex stable has quickly become more use to me, it suits my needs way more than any other browser at the moment. So if things don't pan out too good when and if the Opera takeover happens I have an instant replacement for it and it won't be Vivaldi, which I thought would do just that.

As I said, I was surprised Vivaldi decided to drop support for some of the older OS's. I know they're dictated to by a degree by Chrome/Blink but thought they'd find a way to keep that support going and I'm sure lots of other users, like yourself, thought that as well. I honestly thought at the start the whole idea was to create a browser that would bridge the old and the new, so to speak, and to accommodate users who prefer to keep running older systems. Sadly it turns out that resources and finance won't allow that to happen.

XP? ... fair enough I suppose, but Vista as well? Small percentage of users, but still supported until 2017. Hard decisions for them to make, no doubt, but still annoying for those who still use them.

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