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Originally Posted by deya View Post
Snapshot 1.1.453.6;

....Also worth noting, from the blog post;

"Goodbye to old Operating Systems .... With Vivaldi version 1.1 we will drop support for Windows XP, Vista and versions of MacOSX below 10.9. Recently, the Chromium project dropped support for these older OSes (Operating Systems), since they are no longer actively maintained by Microsoft and Apple. As Vivaldi is a small team at present, so we cannot afford to support these OSes separately" .....
Interesting that you haven't warmed to Vivaldi Deya, as a former Opera 12 user I wanted to love it, but it just hasn't happened. Maybe I'm not hardcore enough to need all it's customization features, and it still lacks the email which was a feature I used. But now, since I'm one of the 2% Vista users in the world, I guess this news means the decision is taken for me. No more Vivaldi.
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