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No, I don't know of one. There's one called TabsPlus which I've seen for Chrome but I'm not sure if it's an equivalent to the one you mention.

Tabs still lag when opening and closing for me, but maybe not quite as bad as the previous version and the browser still has that issue were it kind of opens part minimised before going to maximised. It didn't do that in the later beta versions but now it's back again.

Was a bit surprised they decided not to keep supporting older OS's from the 1.1 Final to be honest. I thought they might have kept supporting them for users who still run them, especially XP because it seemed to me that lots of their users do still run that. Still being able to run 1.0 is ok, but without anymore security fixes it seems a bit pointless in the long term. But it's down to costs so that's fair enough for a small company I suppose.
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