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Also saw your other post in the comments section. The registry cleaner you can dump. It's not going to help you and ultimately it's only likely to cause more problems. For anyone in your situation a disk defrag tool for use say once a month is all that's needed.

Revo is a great program but again you need a fair degree of system knowledge in order to use it safely and effectively. There's always a danger with this type of program that you can take out shared components which might be needed by something else to function. The makers of these things don't help by using language like "powerful" and "deep" to describe their capabilities. So long as you are not constantly installing and removing different software I would still use Revo but only in safe mode. When removing security software it is advisable to use only the removal tools provided by the vendor to do this job.

Without having physical access to your computer it's impossible to say what might want doing with it. It could even be infected. Only someone with a high level of Windows knowledge is going to be able to assess this for you, which is why I suggested reformatting and starting again from scratch. Even if you have to pay for this the time taken will be less than paying the same person to fix what you already have with no guarantee of 100% success.

As per my other post, once you do get this sorted I would follow the guide and only install what you really need. Windows firewall is just right for you but you need to ensure that your computer is clean first as it contains no outbound protection (except for Vista) which would enable some types of malware to "phone home" or spread to other users.

If you really are unable to have your machine reformatted then you need to install Malwarebytes and the free version of A-Squared, scan with both and then report the results here without deleting anything. It's still highly likely though that we won't be able to interpret the results accurately for you remotely. There are other options without third party assistance but I'm guessing that all of them might be beyond your ability to manage.

Let us know what you think.
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