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Well, they got there in the end. Great stuff. Nice to see a final version at last

I did a complete clean install for this version. Downloaded it from the official site. It runs very well, although a couple of little niggles that I've experienced in the beta and snapshots are still there but they're not really a problem.

If anyone who hasn't tried Vivaldi before decides to give it a go now, there is a website called Vivaldi Tips which is very helpful for finding your way around the browser. It's here;

Also, you can access extra settings for content by putting this into the address bar;

For the more adventurous you can access Vivaldi Flags by simply typing flags into the address bar and hitting enter. Right clicking in the address bar and selecting Language settings allows you to then choose the language of your choice and also set it to spell check in that language.

To be fair to them I reckon they've done a good job. It's taken them over a year to get to this stage, from the first version release, and I think that's pretty good going.

They've worked very hard, listened to all the feedback, and I for one wish them good luck and success for the future

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