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They're running if their files show up in task manager>processes. An easier way is to chack your tray for their icons (although that doesn't always work).

By default, AdAware has its Ad-Watch real-time protection on, even if you disable that, it always starts up with your pc. That's why I don't use it. As for SpyBlaster, I've found out that it doesn't run in the background (real-time), it should be fine, just make sure it's from here, not some other place. Even if you didn't click TeaTimer, it might still be running, so check if TeaTimer.exe is shown on Task Manager.

The other security includes Firewalls, HIPS, anything that isn't mentioned in your post and is running real-time.

Last thing, I'm going to be very busy soon, so I cannot help you later until maybe tomorrow.
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