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It works ok for you? ... weird. I thought at first it maybe was a Win10 problem but looking at their blog comments it appears not, with people having problems on various OS's. Random. Anyway, I've reverted back to the previous snapshot - 1.0.418.3.

Could hardly to get it to load. When I did it was crashing all over the place and things were sluggish, scrolling etc. Managed to disable the few extensions I had but no joy there. So I uninstalled the lot and started again. At least you can export bookmarks to HTML now, which I prefer, so you don't lose everything and it's quick set it up again.

They put a comment on the blog;

Team_Vivaldi 12 hours ago.
We deactivated auto-update so you can install the previous version and shouldn't be prompted to install the latest version.

... so, with luck, not too many people will have suffered my - Yikes!! - moment
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