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Question Why so slow?

Ok...I'm really getting aggravated. I used to have a super fast computer and then I went and switched my anti virus from AVG to Avast...I also installed a few more malware items...superantispyware and malwarebytes and spybot s&d while I already had AdAware and spyblaster. Ever since I did all this my computer is taking forever to load. I mean literally it takes 1 minute or so to get to my home page or anywhere. I keep my computer clean by disc cleaning and defragmenting and everything else so I don't understand why it all of a sudden is slow. I know I have more than enough ram and I do have 2 hard drives as well. Do you think by having all this extra cleaning stuff is too much stuff and could slow my computer down? Any suggestions anyone has would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much
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