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Default Camera recognition programmable TTS

hey guys glad to be a part of this forum

was hoping you might be able to help me out

I need a program that connects to a camera and when an image it recognises from its database is in front of the camera it will read in text to speech a small pre programmed summary of that image

so the idea is I go to these pony conventions and people have cutie marks on them

cutie mark is an image that defines the character

i would like to make a pokemon crossover of the pokedex dubbed the ponydex, so the idea is you hold the camera over someone and it will look at the shape and find a cutie mark image in its database for instance it would find a twilight and say something along the lines of

Twilight Sparkle
unicorn Type
Twilight's enjoy the company of their friends and reading books
they are proficient in magic and quick learners
evolves into alicorn.

hope you guys know something that can help me I eventually want to attach this to a raspberry pi zero
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