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Originally Posted by Burn-IT View Post
Since when has asking permission to install been protection.
You know damn well that if you start to install an application you will just OK any requests without even reading most of them.
I cannot imagine most users even understanding the questions never mind appreciating the consequences of their answers.!!
Well if you ask me, the permissions aren't super complicated. Sure, some advanced permissions might be hard for the user to understand, but most of the basics (e.g. camera use, microphone use, internet access) are pretty self explanatory.
Also, there is no protection against ignorance - not even an AV can protect you against that. I just can't help but think of this:
Googles "Free Movies"
Clicks on a website that seems legit
firefox warns the website is a reported attack site
Clicks anyway, enters website
Clicks a banner that's blinking and flashing different colours that says "DOWNLOAD NOW"
freemovie.exe starts downloading
download finishes
Anti-virus picks it up and deletes it
Right clicks -> disables Antivirus
Downloads again
Opens it up
Windows defender picks it up and deletes
Disables Windows Defender
Downloads and opens it up again
Now Windows UAC asks if you want to trust the file due to possibility of .exe files being viruses
Clicks "YES"
Computer infected with tons of malware and viruses
"Man! Screw PCs, they are so prone to viruses! I'm buying a mac!"
Now, sure, that's an exaggeration, but the point is that a little bit of common sense is required when you're using a computer or a phone.
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