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Moto E has a quad-core processor, and 1 GB RAM, so it shouldn't be that laggy, unless you have loads of apps installed. What all apps do you have installed?

I agree with post of UserError.

I used to have an antivirus on my old Samsung phone for as much time as I had it, but then on my new Nexus one, I didn't feel the need for it at all. If you have safe browsing habits, and you install apps from Play Store only, you don't need to have an antivirus on your Android phone.

You do not need cleaners too. I do use 1TapCleaner, because it's simple enough, and I use that to clean cache only, and that too for only a few apps that I want, and not in bulk which the app itself suggests. The cache data can amount to quite a lot sometimes depending on the apps and usage, and therefore, I have 1TapCleaner installed. Even then, the app itself redirects to built-in app manager of Android system which in turn is used to clean the cache, so you do not even need a cleaner.

For rest of stuff, I don't use a cleaner. CCleaner for Android is now there, and I installed it to have a look at it, and although I trust the PC version, I wasn't sure about the Android version. I don't use it.

Why would you need a battery app for? Newer versions of Android have built-in battery manager to see which apps are using battery the most.

I use very less apps on my phone, and that too good ones, so I never felt the need to install a battery app.

So, my point, you do not need to install all these apps like antivirus, cleaners or battery, etc. I even disable the pre-installed apps of Google, like Google Music, Movies, etc, for which I have no use at all. I use my own apps for music, movie player, or for photos.

UserError has written good points about conserving battery.
Disable pre-installed apps you do not use.
Disable any services that you do not use, and you will save memory as well as battery.

Android is much better than iPhone, or Windows IMHO. You just need to spend some time with it. Although, that's just my preference, and preference of others may vary.
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