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I'll jump in on the whole antivirus thing - and I'll go out on a limb and say it's not necessary. Here's why:
1. Android already has a certain security mechanism built-in - it does, as far as I know, scan apps when they are installed.
2. If you stick to the Google Play Store or another reliable app store, you should be fine when it comes to avoiding viruses, if you take a look at what you download and don't just download an app from a random developer with 100 downloads and 10 bad reviews.
3. You can't run APKs on Android the way you can run EXEs on a Windows computer. On a Windows computer, any EXE can run without being installed, and it has access to a lot of stuff, if it wants to access it, even without administrator privileges. On the other hand, an APK can't run without being installed - and when it is installed, it's not the APK providing the installation interface, it's the system (which is why there aren't all the problems with installer crapware on Android), so the user explicitly presses the install button, which is right under the list of permissions it will get if installed - and the app will only be able to use those services. The only way it can get around that is by using an exploit - which is where the whole topic started - but at that point, it shouldn't have a problem getting around the antivirus either, especially since antivirus on Android doesn't have quite the capabilities of Antivirus on Windows, for example.
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