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Hi Anupum
When I say a 32-bit or 64-bit video I mean video created on a 32 or 64 bit motherboard. When I say menu I mean when I open a video program you see the opening page which I call menu to save me saying. (drag the video on to an area of the program)
The video converter programs I use is Freemake v for both WinXP and Win10 motherboards as it will install in compatability mode for Win10.
What I did with the .AVI video that would not play on Win10. I convertered the .AVI by selecting the same format AVI on Freemake v (SO Win10 .AVI video to Freemake .AVI)
Then the AVI video played OK in Win10.
This didn't work with the.MPG even though they converted with the Freemake v but the conversion to MPG or AVI didn't play.
I also use the same Video player on both systems, Freesmith, or VLC both played the converted .AVI but not the converted .MPG.
I had the same with a Flash drive on the WinXP it showed files but even on WIN7 showed nothing.
Have a good day
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