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Originally Posted by deya View Post
Decided to revisit this browser and install it on Win10. Downloaded it from their site and got the latest version, 15.12.2490.3614 Beta. So not Final yet.

I do like this browser though, and it runs very well. You can now easily switch between tabs to show at the top or bottom to suit your preference. Still a sizeable download and install, all the preinstalled extensions are there, including WOT. Turn them on and off as you see fit, or you can add whichever other ones you want from the extensions page - which is basically Opera.

Still a good browser.
Haven't been here for a while but checked in to see what's new. Thanks for this info in an older post, I have been using Yandex Beta from time to time, but always in the traditional interface because I don't like tabs at the bottom (too much mouse movement from omnibox to tabs). Tried the new interface again yesterday with tabs at the top and it's great, very smooth and fast, even with moving backgrounds. Thanks!
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