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Thank you Jojo Yee.

Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
Melita, I use YUMI to create my multi-boot flash drives. (I think I mentioned that somewhere already)
Yes joe, you did and I downloaded it that day itself and have been using it. I have downloaded some more Linux iso files to check out another Distro for my other computer (I am already using Q4OS). Unfortunately YUMI does not have some of them in its list of capable Distros [(Makulu-Debian/Ubuntu), (Neptune-Debian),(Chalet-Debian/Ubuntu)]. Yumi did Manjaro, which is in it's list but it cannot do the others.

I checked the Internet and found a load of similar multi boot software, but wanted to check here to see whether any of those are recommended at Gizmo's.

I use Rufus also, but although it has no restrictions like Yumi, it has no multi boot capability.


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