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Originally Posted by Jojo Yee View Post
One of the disadvantages of Gnome desktop environment used by Ubuntu 9.10 is that it can't remember the position of the window. I need to drag it from to time to time to the place I want when I open it. To my surprise, it says "the author of Gnome decided that it was not the job of the window manager to determine where windows would pop up".
I hope nobody minds but this issue is simply too amazing to ignore. Can you imagine that this issue existed since 2008 and it still hasn't been resolved? I mean duh, duh, splutter, splutter... can you? And as if that isn't enough fast forward 7 years later and LM 17.2/3 now comes with an option to always open windows in the center of the screen but that is buggy too. What the heck is going on? And in case you're wondering, not even devilspie can fix it. I know, I tried. Holy crap! What an issue.

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