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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
What is your view of the VirusTotal scan of the Android VTS Tool, anything to worry about??
Nothing to worry about. The app uses the same procedure a malicious tool would (in this case the infamous Stagefright vulnerability) but only to explore if the phone is vulnerable or not. It will not tamper with your phone in any way. The VTS Tool is open-source, so anyone can audit the code and report possible backdoors.


Yes, you're right. Android M (6.0.1 to be more specific) is the latest version of Android, but is only available for some Nexus and Pure Edition devices, which are controlled by Google. The rest of devices are running Android JellyBean, KitKat or Lollipop at best, and only some lucky ones are to receive the 6.0.1 update in January or February.

As for the monthly stability and security patches, once again the Nexus series seems to be the only one receiving them through the "Android Security Bulletin Monthly Release". Although Motorola, LG, and Samsung were the first vendors to jump in, only users with the more expensive phones have seen the so-called monthly updates, if any. (Source)

According to the latest official Android distribution figures (December 2015), Android M just hit the 0,5% mark (very low), while Lollipop reached the 29,5% and KitKat still dominates with a solid 36,6%. Even the dated JellyBean, with all its variations, has a 26,9% distribution share.

If Lollipop 5.1.1 had 5 vulnerabilities out of 26 possible, I wonder how the lower, older versions, would fare against the VST tool.
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