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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
I'm not sure precise is the best way to describe KDE but I do understand what you mean. Apart from Plasma 5 which is flat, dull, boring and mostly doesn't work, KDE4 just oozes quality and the desktop definition displays this beautifully. It is of course slower and uses more resources but for any modern machine these are hardly reasons not to use it. A sort of compromise would be to run something like Q4OS which uses the Trinity DE based on KDE3. Not as full on as KDE4 but certainly solves any speed or resource use issues.
Yes, 'quality' is the correct word to describe KDE. It makes Windows look

I got the live ISO of Q4OS. It is really impressive. You are right. Trinity is also in a class by itself. A further incentive is the LTS of the latest release till 2020. Thank you for directing me to this.

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