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I think you've installed the latest stable version. This is a translated entry from the Club Browser blog, dated Dec 7;

"We are starting to distribute a new stable version of the Yandex.15.12 browser which includes fixes, not only security, but also some other features.

You can now select text in the links part. For this, simply hold down the ALT key and you need to allocate space in the link. It is now possible to partially allocate and content tables. Take a look. To do this hold down the CTRL button. Subtle changes, but we are often asked for this by active users.

The browser now supports PPAPI version of the Flash Player plugin. Contrast to the current NPAPI-version, the new version is isolated from the browser itself, and it increases the safety of users

danielson, if you want to enable the newer interface load the flags page in Yandex, here;


.... second entry down "Enable Cousteau" .... enable it and you should see the newer interface after a re-start? It should work, although I'm running the Beta and so haven't tried it.

Cousteau is the project name for the new look browser - Project Cousteau - which is the Beta version, they named it after Jacques Cousteau, the ocean explorer. I think they refer to the new look interface as Calypso, which was Jacques Cousteau's exploration vessel.

I read somewhere that they were thinking about fazing in the new look gradually because some users have been confused by it .... maybe that's why there's no transparency in the stable version you're using.
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