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Originally Posted by deya View Post
I'm using the new look Yandex browser - still in Beta at the moment so take that into consideration. It has a redesigned user interface, minimalistic, but it also has features that allow you to put your own mark on the browser.

The browser has a start page that allows you to add favourite Websites in the form of tiles, a Tableau, like a speed dial, and has a smart search box at the top. The browser tabs are displayed at the bottom of the window. The new look does give the feel of more page space, it's very neat looking.

Settings and features are accessed from a menu icon at the top right of the window, and from there you can go about setting the browser up to your liking - Chrome style.

Yandex comes with ten pre-installed extension, although not activated, so you can choose which ones you want to use. WOT, Adguard, Lastpass, Evernote are there, as well as Turbo, which is Opera Turbo and can be set to your liking. You can also add many other extensions, should you wish to, from the Opera Extensions site - so, no WebStore. Once activated the extension icons are displayed at top right of the browser window.

Mouse gestures are built into the browser and work well. There's also a built in translator which is very good, translates whole pages or even the site. It also lets you translate highlighted single words or sentences. Another useful feature, if you're reading a page and are scrolling down, clicking on the tab will automatically send you back to the top of the page. Click it again and the page scrolls back down to where you were before. Can't recall coming across this before - maybe some other browsers do it.

The new Yandex is no heavier or lighter on resources than other Chromium type browsers, and for a Beta it's very stable. Hasn't crashed once on me yet. But just a note of caution. Some of the start page images (you can change them) are animated and so you may get high CPU when they're running. If this is the case then you can click them to stop the annimation running - like pausing and starting a video. But just be aware of that if you try it.

I'm still kind of discovering things as I go along with it. There's a good help page here if you need it;

... it can also be accessed via the menu icon - Advanced - Help Centre. It's very informative and easy to understand.

I haven't had the time to try many different browsers over the past few months, too many other commitments, but I have the time in the next few weeks so I'm trying a few out now. This, Yandex, is one of the best I've tried so far. It's very good - if you like the new look thing. It's different, that's for sure, but in a good way. There are similarities in Yandex from other browsers, kind of mixed together to give the browser some very nice touches.

If you're interested it's well worth a try. The usual geographics of it all - Yandex is a Russian browser, so ...... you either do or you don't.

From what I've seen of it so far they've created a really nice, modern Web browser.

Write up on the Yandex Company Blog, here;

I mentioned this on the Maxthon Nitro thread but thought it best to give it a thread of its own.
I must say I enjoyed your review it was very informative, you made excellent points and good tips with helpful links. I had a question yandex related particularly the the start page that are not in english, I know it is a russian browser I read that. I mean I tried to change the browser main language to english yet, I keep getting pages in russian. if you know of a feature I can use or lik that will help I would really would appreciate it,thanks.
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