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Looking at your video I see what you mean now. You also look to have two WOT icons, one in the toolbar and one in the ... section? I haven't enabled the pre-installed Adguard extension, I've installed ÁBlocko instead.

I did enable a few more extensions, although not as many as you have, and had no trouble seeing them in the ... section - I didn't have to hover over them for the icons to show.

There is quite a bit of empty space in the icon toolbar and it does seem weird that it's not put to use by allowing more than four icons to show before they go to the ... section. You can rearrange the icons by dragging them around though, I don't necessarily have to have them all on view, just as long as they're enabled and working.

Do that many icons show in the toolbar on other browsers? I've never had that many installed in any browser so wouldn't know. Maybe the delay in showing until you hover is because there are so many, or perhaps it will be fixed in future versions.

I noticed that, while enabling some of the pre-installed extensions, the Screenshots one doesn't work. This was the same in the previous versions of the browser I tried. Not that I need it, just thought to add that here.

Anyway, you got the problem sorted so that's ok. Good idea - using the video clip
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