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Default BackUp Files To External HD/AOEMI

Hi, All...

I'm moving to a new desktop and am using a new external drive to manage the file movement, old to new, and I'm just confused.

I am using AOMEI to move the files, but this is where I'm stumped. I did create a backup, or so it seems, of my files, based on the AOMEI instructions on their site.

Maybe it was the prep that got me into trouble. I created one large folder on my old E Drive (this was my primary drive, not C), same with my desktop folders, one large folder with all other folders in it.

I ran AOMEI successfully, there were 2 image files on the external drive. (Why image files and not the actual files?)

I tried to restore it on my new desktop, it said there were no files in either folder I tried to restore.

What did I do wrong? Do I need to go back and add the individual folders/files back to their original state?

I'm very confused, this has to be easier. I use USB drives every day to move individual files around, but this makes no sense to me now.

Any help I can get will be appreciated.

BTW, I deleted the 2 images on my external drive assuming I'm going to start again.

Is there other recommended software to use other than AOMEI?

Thanks, in advance.
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