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Unfortunately, we have opted for an Internet that is basically supported by advertising. We all want free stuff but the content of the Internet has to be paid for somehow by somebody. Advertisers and corporations are certainly driven to maximize profits and often go too far with shady methods but consumers share some blame also. By insisting that everything be free and by not supporting enterprises that try subscription models, we got ourselves into a world filled with ads.

I use ad blockers and I really dislike many of the tricks used by advertisers but I white-list sites I like. It isn't a perfect solution, however, and I see a lot of quality sites struggling to survive.

Part of the problem is the enormous power that Google has over what we see on the Internet. Google dominates search but its ranking algorithm is far from perfect. Unfortunately, whether a site gets traffic and therefore income depends very heavily on whether Google places it near the top of search results. This is another consequence of having an Internet supported by ads.
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