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Having been an avid distro hopper for a number of years now - trying to find the Distro that just works, I now have a list I generally advise people to try out.
Top ATM = Peppermint 6
Then in no particular order Blacklab, Makulu, Linux Lite, ChaletOS, Manjaro

I have found that each of these will run equally well on old machines as well as new. They install simply and will give people a good start into Linux. They can all be found on Distrowatch.

I too follow dedoimedo, his no prisoner, no favours approach to reviewing Distros works for me.

There will of course be a number of other Distros out there that work well for you but for beginners, I believe the ones mentioned above can take some of the sting out of learning Linux.

and Peppermint6 is "Fully" UEFI compliant, I have it running on a laptop with Wind 10 and nothing is turned off in UEFI.
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