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Lot's of good reasons why nobody has done it. Many programs, e.g. system info and management software, will tell what it is 32-bit or 64-bit but it is not presented as a simple list:
  • Most people don't care. Based on marketshare it's probably not relevant to up to 50% of Windows users running 32-bit Windows:
    12% Windows XP is basically 100% 32-bit
    2% Windows Vista is nearly 90% 32-bit
    58% Windows 7 is about 50% 32-bit
    14% Windows 8/8.1 is mainly 64-bit
    5% Windows 10 is mainly 34-bit
  • There is no automatic upgrade path from 32-bit to 64-bit Microsoft.
  • Windows automatically provides 32-bit compatibility (using WOW)
  • The 64-bit version is usually no faster.
  • Many users don't know they can get performance benefits from 64-bit software particularly if they have more than 4GB of RAM.
  • Microsoft and others still recommend that 64-bit Windows users install 32-bit software, e.g. MS Office. It is still most often the default download.
  • It is not the trivial programming task people assume it to be.
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