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Default Too much choice

One of the things that Linux has always suffered from is too much choice, not only in numbers of distros but in variants of desktops. Over the past few weeks as the true nature of Windows 10 has become evident, more of my circle of contacts have taken an interest in moving to Linux. Great you might think for a Linux advocate like myself but not so in reality as many of them just cannot settle on one particular release. If anyone else reading this falls into the same category my advice is to look at something that by default does not offer too many customizations. This will remove a lot of the frustration of trying to make stuff different that maybe doesn't need to be anyway.



Deepin in particular is so different from much else you will have encountered so far (especially regarding system control and software management) but well worth a look. The downside, there is no live version so you'll need to commit to a full install to try it out.

By request I've posted a few screenshots here.
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