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For anyone interested, here's how I did it....

1. Export PDF to BMP using PDF-XChange Editor.

2. Open BMP in PhotoFiltre and use the "replace color" tool to select offending blue pixels and replace them with white.

The replace color tool took a bit of finding and playing about with but it simplified the task enormously.
Basically the process was.....

> zoom in to 500%
> selection menu > select all
> adjust menu > replace color
> use color picker to select colored pixels (blue in my case) to be replaced
> adjust tolerance level to achieve maximum desired effect being careful to avoid inclusion of original text pixels
> replace selected pixels with white (in my case)
> repeat color selection for remaining blue pixels that were out of tolerance range of initial selection
> again replace these remaining selected pixels with white
> repeat until no blue pixels remain

3. Save the edited BMP and print to PDF using doPDF 8

et voila!

For me, PhotoFiltre's "replace color" tool was easier and more efficient than using GIMP's combination of select color and color fill tools.

Thanks for the input everyone.

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