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Most better image editing programs have a feature which allows you to swap one color for another. However, I should warn you that it is not going to be a simple job. One factor that could make the job more difficult is if the writing is in varying shades of blue. I am almost certain that is the case but you could confirm this yourself by zooming in to the writing and inspecting it closely.

The best program I can think of for the job is PhotoFiltre 7. It has an advantage over GIMP in that its "Replace color" function incorporates a Tolerance slider (see screenshot below) which could be handy when replacing varying shades of the same color. Also, depending on how thorough or neat you want to be, you may need to paint and touch up here and there with the background color afterwards.

There is a portable flavor of PhotoFiltre 7 so you don't even have to install it.

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