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I came across mention of WPS Office somewhere today, and I thought of checking up on its website.

It seems like they have brought back the capability to edit and save docx and similar files in the free version. Maybe their decision to retract this ability did not go well.

However, they have retained the restriction of having watermark if you print the documents, or save as PDF. Also, VBA/Macros won't be available in the free version.

Details here:

For me, I think these restrictions can be overlooked, if I just want to edit and save files. So, I will be downloading the latest version of WPS Office and see how it goes.

BTW, it's strange that on opening the home page of WPS, I could not find any link to the Windows version. There are links to IOS and Android versions, and a link to Linux version at the end.

I had to find the link for Windows version from Google. It's weird.
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