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Will get you started for the time being, and later, the Linux guys can chip in.

Here's the Linux Mint homepage:

And here's the download page:

There are different versions, based on the "desktop environment", sort of an interface/windows manager. There are different desktop environments in different Linux distributions (slang distros).

There are 32-bit and 64-bit editions available. So, download which one you like, just make sure that your PC supports 64-bit, in case you go for that one.

As the download page says, the popular one is Cinnamon, so go for that. Go for the one with the multimedia support, so that you do not have to install anything extra, and multimedia works out of the box.

The download is in the form of an ISO file, which is an image file, that you can just burn to a DVD, with the help of a burning software, like BurnAware free, or whichever you have. I hope you know how to burn an image file... if not, please ask.

Once you have burned the image on the DVD, simply boot the computer from the DVD, and you are good to go. You might have to change the setup in BIOS, so that the computer boots from the optical drive first. Most probably, it will be set that way. If not, you will have to do that.

Linux will boot from the DVD, and then you can run it and play around with it, explore things and all. It will run off the DVD, so it will not be installed on the hard drive.

Good luck .

If you have any queries, please do ask.
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