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Originally Posted by L.M View Post

I wish to learn to use Linux Mint. I do not wish to install it for the time being, what are my alternatives?
Bearing in mind that I'm not very competent when it comes to computers programs, communicating wont be easy. Is any one willing to help?
It is a big ask I know and understand if there wont be any taker.


Linux Mint, in common with many other Linux distros, is available as a live ISO which you can burn to a DVD or copy to a pendrive using an appropriate Windows program.

Once you have done this you can run a live session of Linux Mint from your DVD or pendrive. Most of the features will work in a live session although any changes you make won't be saved. It is possible to create a USB with persistence but this is more complicated and I don't think it will provide you with any additional benefits at this stage. Running a live session of Linux does not affect your existing Windows installation is any way. Depending on how your system is setup, you may need to press F11, F12 at startup, or whichever is your appropriate key, in order to boot from a live DVD or pendrive.

Linux Mint has a huge following and any operational questions you might have about it are pretty much guaranteed to already have an answer in their forum.
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