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Thanks for the replies : )

I agree it does seem to be whole lot of faff and palaver, but in my experience this isn't uncommon when getting freebies from companies who market commercial studio software. I have some excellent freebies from other companies, for which I have to enter a serial code or go through a call-response security process on installation. Why? I have not the slightest idea.

However this whole process of waiting 7 months since registration is something new to me, and has made me somewhat suspicious too. If it's just about spam though, then it's not been too bad at all ... mostly blog links and news and technical stuff which has been quite interesting.

I have written to them via their support page so I'll wait and see what happens .... the confirmation email that you get when registering seems to have no option to reply and confirm my own email address, which is unusual. Unique even.

I won't hold out much hope for a fully public release ... at least that hasn't been the pattern with similar releases from other companies.

I'll persevere a bit longer anyway and see if I get a reply from customer support. If genuine, and if the publicity is accurate about the limitations of the software, then yes it's most definitely worthwhile and I certainly wouldn't call it crippleware. The release did also get a mention in Soundonsound magazine which is my bible for all things audio, so that gives me some hope at least : )
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