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I had intended to start a separate thread on this, since there are several privacy issues in Windows, and people should be aware of them. Therefore, posts have been moved to this thread, to address the issues and discuss about them.

Windows 10 certainly has a lot of privacy issues, and most of them are turned on by default. This is something which not many of us will like, and by turning them on by default, it makes sure that people with little computer knowledge won't know how to turn them off. That's quite a shame. I had always respected Microsoft for being better than companies like Google, etc in terms of privacy, and although Microsoft's policy on data collecting is still good, but these recent privacy settings in Windows 10 turned on my default are really not good.

Anyways, just saying that there are loads of privacy issues in Windows 10 is not enough. People should know that although these issues are there, they can easily be dealt with by changing the settings. Yes, there are loads of settings for these, but atleast they give you the option to change them.

eyeb has shared this very useful article in another thread, which addresses the issues, and also shows how to deal with them. I think it covers most issues.
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