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Is it important that it's your own heartbeat?

A stethoscope or something homemade along the same principles would help, and then a condensor microphone if you can get hold of one. As long as you can get a half-decent signal to noise ratio then it should clean up ok with some careful EQing and gating. It will honestly make no difference what kit or medium you record into and onto (as long as you avoid anything that uses automatic recording levels) - I mean using a voice recorder will give no advantage over recording into your pc and Audacity is a very good software solution as long as everything is set up correctly.

What kind of quality do you get if you just record "normal" sounds, e.g. speech? It's possible that your poor signal to noise ratio is caused by your general set up rather than anything specific to this project.

It would be so much easier though to get an audio file off the net.

Sounds like a diverting project though : ) I'll have a go myself later and post back

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