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MC, rather than uninstalling and reinstalling (a real PITA if you have a large fx config) - just run "Mozilla Firefox (safe mode)"

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-mode

and disable all your themes and addons.

Test running a clean config - and if all is well, enable your plugins one at a time (restarting fx after each plugin). Keep testing like this until your problem reappears - then through a process of elimination you can work out if it is the latest addon or a conflict between multiple addons, that is causing your problem.

Only ever change one thing at a time - and also when installing new addons - add them one at a time - so if there are problems you can identify the likely culprit.

Be thankful you only have a handful of addons - I have several fx profiles - each with a different suite of addons (depending on what I am working on), whenever new versions are released, I hold my breath and pray that everything will hold together because fixing my setup through this process of elimination once took the best part of a day.

Worth having a look at (for your own peace of mind) is "Mozbackup" and "FEBE" and the very useful MR Tech's Toolkit (especially "myconfig")
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