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Default ZenMate VPN add-on for browsers

Hi everybody.

While traveling overseas I may be forced to use public Wi Fi connection in Internet cafe, Hotel, library, for doing sensitive transactions like buying tickets online, or banking transactions. As far as possible I'll be using friends or relatives secure connections but realistically speaking I may not have any other options at time.
In my browser I have ZenMate VPN plugin installed. The company specifies that the plugin is not just a proxy but it works as a normal VPN, encrypting my traffic,keeping my browsing, banking and online activites safe.
While surfing the internet various forums, I noted that the common consensus is, that using this type of plugins will not keep my banking safe on public Wi Fi connections, for that I need a full VPN.
Please note that I understand that, as per ZenMate VPN specifications, only my browser activities are encrypted, not download managers and the like apps. I'm fine with it as I'm only concerned about my banking and online transactions, (theft of accounts numbers, passwords etc.)
Any advice would be much appreciated.



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