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Default steam mover / application mover

Steam Mover looks compelling. I searched for it on our site here and did not find it, but it's two words, so maybe that interfered. if so, sorry.

This suggests however a whole category, perhaps "application mover".

The main use case is buying a new pc. Note, however, that the steam mover use case is mainly moving an app off a small, fast SSD to a slow, large HDD on the very same PC.

There are huge challenges in the main use case. Eg buy a new pc with a newer operating system. Registry locations change. User folder changes. Temp, Local, AppData, etc change location. Well especially from XP to 7,8,10, but some with the others. %systemVariables% can help with some of that. Perhaps the App you're moving doesnt even run on the new OS. And are there system library entry points which may be different on the new OS?

There's another approach, which is install the new app, even a new version of an app, on the new pc, and just move over the "settings" (eg, config, preferences, state as in game file, customizations, toolbars, plugins, system integration etc, etc). This is what the CloneApp suggested on these forums intends. Again, there are compatibility issues, especially if they're two different versions of the program itself.

But there is clearly a need for such programs. Not sure if any exist.
Some are reviewed at thewindowsclub (with various quality)

I am personally not ready to trust any of them as described there. But to spark interest, i provide those links.

*Please note that PCTrans only permits the transfer of two programs. Most will regard this as being crippleware.

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