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Default not dead projects, but live projects who moved


In fact, SourceForge has been doing this [bundling adware/malware] to downloads of stalwarts Apache, Audacity, LibreOffice, GIMP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, VLC Media Player, Thunderbird, VirtualBox, WordPress, and many, many others.
To do this, SourceForge has essentially taken over the management accounts of these projects -- which have mostly left SourceForge due to the fact that it hasn’t kept up in terms of features and resources -- and altered them to bundle these “offers” with their installers. SourceForge is mirroring the releases so that they appear to be current, when they’re actually dormant on SourceForge’s site.
I mean, that's precisely malware behavior. Tricking people into downloading/buying your product that has value to a very small number of people. Like 0.01%.

So sad. So is GitHub the new sourceforge (for the moment, anyway :P )
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