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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
All the talk about Win10 seems to be focused around the free upgrade for current Win7/8/8.1 devices.
It's because so much talk and excitement has been there about Windows being free, that major focus has been on this only, and that's what Microsoft are targeting too.

And of course, for all other details, people will have to wait for the day when Microsoft release Windows 10 final officially, which is July 29th.

My guess is that apart from the free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1, Windows 10 will be available along the lines of Windows 8, when it was launched... that is, various versions will be available on retail.

But well, at this point, we can only guess, but logically, the above should be the case, otherwise, not everyone can pay online for a download, can they?

Also, it will be just ridiculous for people to buy Windows 7 or 8.1, just to upgrade to Windows 10. So, I am sure that Windows 10 will be offered separately at a suitable price, in order that people do not take the route of purchasing Windows 7/8.1 cheaper than Windows 10, and then performing the upgrade.

I think I might have read about Windows 10 prices somewhere? Or, I might be confused with some other product.
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