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This browser updated to version 15.2.2214.3731 beta a couple of weeks ago but I've not been around for a while so didn't post it. The update came via the auto updater, there's no mention of it on the download page, it still says 'You are downloading the Alpha version of Yandex.Browser'

I just downloaded the set up file again to check it and it shows as 37.0.2062.12544, so same as before. Maybe you have to install that version and then let it auto update once installed. Not sure because I can't find anything about the update except on Russian forums and sites, so no point linking to those on here. But anyway, once the browser updated I got this page;

... the 'about' page shows 'Version 15.2.2214.3731 beta' and that Yandex is up to date.

It really would help if they provided more information, and for a big company like Yandex it's poor that they don't, or even update the download page. You can understand people being put off of using it, which is a shame because it's a good browser. But there you go .....

I've added a couple more extensions, but from the Chrome Store because they wouldn't install from the Yandex/Opera extensions site for some reason. So now I have five more added to the pre-installed ones that come with the browser. They all work well.

I like using it though, so much screen space without all the clutter on most browsers. Scroll bars auto hide. Click tab to scroll to top then click again for back to where you were before. The translator is very good, very useful to me. Once set, any page auto translates to your set languages. No messing about, it just works, really well. I seriously do like the Tableau and the tiles. Much prefer it to the speed dial look that I've become accustomed to. It just fills my whole monitor screen, no status bar, buttons and the rest of it. Just clean.

It's the polar opposite to, for example, Vivaldi with all its features. And that's great because choice is a good thing. But for pure browsing, quickly and clutter free, the new Yandex layout takes some beating.

Just a shame they can't get their act together and promote it better.
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