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Bump again - sorry. But regarding TP3.

In answer to a question about auto update on their blog, one the development team replied, "Snapshots wont auto-update to Technical Previews, they are on a different auto-update lane" ....

So if you do have Vivaldi installed and want to install this latest version you'll have to download it manually from their main site - linked to in my previous post.

TP3 is very stable though, and much improved since TP2.

Performance is better, new features work well but there are still things missing - extension UI icons etc. But you have to bear in mind it's still not even at Beta stage yet.

I think they've made very good progress in the time since Vivaldi first appeared on the scene.

The Vivaldi team seems to have grown in number since the first builds, and perhaps more will be recruited now after the recent developments at Opera. Personally speaking, I hope that's the case because talent like that shouldn't go to waste. But that's just my opinion, obviously.

Interesting to watch it develop from the ground up, makes you appreciate free software and the toil and dedication that goes into creating it.
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