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Yes, as you've already been told in response to the same question at Windows Secrets.

It's a bit strange choosing software sites to ask hardware questions of this sort. CPUs and GPUs are better discussed on a site dedicated to hardware such as CPU World or Tom's Hardware. Those sites can give you direct hardware comparisons that we do not, e .g.:
compare i7 4790 with the top NUC i7
best NUC graphics

The info you've provided is somewhat incomplete as you don't mention how you're running the three FullHD screens and what would happen if you bought a NUC. The best graphics, the Iris Pro Graphics 6100, has a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 so you won't be using that to fill the screens.

You're also the only person who can decide the priorities for the competing desires: energy use (quietness is often closely related), size (which you must be considering with the NUC as an option), and responsiveness. Personally, I'd forego the small size and some part of low energy use with the NUC and get a larger case for lower cost and greater flexibility including more options for CPU, graphics, quietness, and responsiveness.
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