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Originally Posted by Remah View Post

1. Following up on that update problem, Microsoft had some solutions. Did you try them including downloading the latest Windows update client as recommended for When you use Automatic Updates to scan for updates or to apply updates to applications that use Windows Installer, you experience issues that involve the Svchost.exe process
At the top of this article, I found the following statement: This article applies to a different version of Windows than the one you are using. Content in this article may not be relevant to you.Visit the Windows 7 Solution Center

2. It is still worth looking at upgrading your RAM. If you had 4GB RAM you might have noticed no more than a slowdown.
I have already accepted this suggestion. It is not difficult to understand that extra memory is like money in the bank. Whenever the necessity arises, it is always there to fall back on.

Only as a matter of interest and applicable to this specific problem; In that thread you directed me to, there are many computers suffering the same fate even with 4GB RAM. There are some new posts there today. Computer technicians are having a really hard time because people don't believe that this is a Microsoft muck up!

3. I've been impressed with your perseverance and patience. We asked a lot of questions and talked about a lot of things you weren't familiar with. I hope that after this ordeal you feel a lot more confident in problem solving on your system.
Yes, it makes me very confident indeed. The fact is, this is a marvelous computer forum. The way that all of you banded together to help me is quite amazing. That goes a long way in inspiring confidence

4. I looked up your Acer system information using the SNID. It was really just basic warranty info that was disappointing in the lack of detail particularly when you compare it with what you can get from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. That's why I prefer computers from manufacturers that provide detailed specifications and support information that is easy for users to access. I had to find readable specs for your system on other sites than Acer. I'm wondering if others found the same?
At the time I bought this in 2011, I knew absolutely nothing about computers. The technician from the seller had to come home and set it up for me!

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