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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
If the problem is with Windows Update, rather than disabling it, change it to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them".
Thank you Anupam, I had it set this way, but it doesn't work the way they want us to believe. They are just playing games with us. It doesn't stop Windows from searching for updates for half an hour at a time, often twice a day, making the computer unusable for that duration. They are also quite sneaky. There is a statement on the Windows Update page of Win 7, the very last line under 'Change settings', which says "Windows update might update itself automatically first when checking for other updates". This is exactly what they do after you have set it as you recommend above. They update what they want and make you believe that you are in control!

That is why, in that link Remah was kind enough to find for me, people are blocking Windows Update outright to circumvent the problem Microsoft has created.
Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
Melita, disabling Windows updates is not a bad workaround. In fact, I think for people that come to security forums and are usually aware about what Microsoft is patching or fixing when they release their updates is probably best to set WU to Never check for updates. And then, after reading about the updates before and after they come out, do them manually.

I usually take my time doing Windows updates. The result is that I never have problems with updates. Sometimes I start doing them a few days after they get released, sometime I do them in bunches and sometimes, I might take weeks before I do an update that seems to create problems for many users. It all depends but for me, works good doing updates this way.

Thank you Bo, you can see that I am in agreement with your philosophy in this matter. I am that way about all things that are 'Internet' In one of the posts from that Microsoft link, that I have quoted in my last post, you will find this statement "We have resorted to manually installing update off network". Could you explain how this is done? I would certainly like to be able to do the updating on my own without letting Microsoft run amok with my computer.

The worst thing that ever happened to www is the monopoly Microsoft has in Operating Systems. What a shame there are no serious competitors. We could have shown our middle finger to Microsoft. There is still hope with Linux!

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